About Us

Who is ETI (Equestrian Trails Incorporated)?

We are the horse community in the Santa Monica Mountains. We are known as “Corral 36” of Equestrian Trails Inc. (ETI) which is a California-wide organization of equestrians.  For more information about ETI National visit their website here.

It doesn’t matter which discipline you prefer. What’s important to us is working together in our local communities to secure and maintain trails, opportunities for equine education and best practices horsemanship,  trail riding, support for disaster preparedness and evacuation, and socializing!

We work to make sure our horses and our equestrian lifestyle are priorities in the community.

We are your horse club!

What is your horse passion?

We have something in common…

The learning never ends when it comes to horses and equestrians. Exploring other ways to engage and have fun with your horse is made easy through our Horse Club because we have many perspectives and a common passion!

Equine Education & Good Horsemanship

We host seminars and guest speakers on a variety of equine-related topics including prominent local veterinarians, farriers, trainers and other equine professionals.

Trail Rides

We host several organized rides throughout the year. We will put you in touch with rides every month hosted by us as well as other corrals.  Additionally, ETI has a long tradition of annual rides such as the Death Valley Ride and campouts with the horses.

Social Activities

We put together many social events such as carpooling to Horse Expo, kickin up some dust on the dance floor at country night, happy hours, barn socials and more! Have some fun without your horse!

Equine Legislation & Trail Preservation

We help to establish and preserve local,  state and nationwide trail systems. We stand up and are counted as a major influence in the horse community by helping to keep public officials informed of the needs of equestrians.

Monthly Newsletter

ETI members get a monthly Corral 36 newsletter featuring upcoming local events, clinics, trail rides, member photos, articles, social events and more.